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Eternal craft is a creative endeavour born from tragedy, designed to bring joy.

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The Eternal Craft Logo

Our Story

In May 2020, creator and artist Emma Smith sadly lost her mother Julie to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the restrictions in place at the time the funeral and grieving process was hindered as the family was unable to be together at this terrible time.

Having been experimenting with epoxy resin for some time, and aware of the cost of such jewellery commercially, Emma offered to create memorial jewellery for Julie's family and friends.

After a warm and tearful response to her work, and some gentle encouragement from hubby Jake, Emma decided to create a shop and produce resin-based memorial jewellery professionally.

In time she branched out, producing decorative jewellery, art and keepsakes in a multitude of styles.

The core of Eternal Craft, however, remains the same. A company born from a desire to create something joyful from something sad.

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Crafting Desk

Company Aims

Eternal Craft offered a range of hand-made bespoke jewellery items to suit your tastes. Each item is individually hand crafted by Emma and no two items are the same.

With every order, we strive for:

- Outstanding Quality.

- Unmatched Flexibility.

- Friendliness and Approachability.

- Affordable prices without compromise.

We offer prices well below market average on a huge and ever expanding range of items. We never, however, compromise quality for the sake of a bargain.

We're always adding new products and testing new ideas so keep an eye out on this site and subscribe to our newsletter to find out when there's something new in stock.

What we are.
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Company founder ad head; Emma Smith.

Emma Smith

Creator & Artist

Hi, I'm Emma!

I've been an art-lover since childhood, and started experimenting with resin and jewellery-making in 2019. My designs focus on individuality, with each hand-made piece being truly unique.

I live in Hull with my hubby and two little ones. 


If you'd like to enquire about an order, my design/creation process, or if you just want a good old-fashioned chin-wag, don't be afraid to check out the "Contact Us" page and get in touch.

I'm always excited to hear from people who've visited out website.

With love,


Artist Sketching
Emma's Husband Jake, head of media and communications.

Jake A Smith

Media and Communications

Hello, Jake here.

I'm a 28-year-old Drama Graduate, Playwright and Graphic Designer from Nottingham. I'm now based in Hull, where I live with my wife Emma, the talented woman behind Eternal Craft, and our two boys Rowan and Oliver.

I work behind the scenes at Eternal Craft, designing the logos, flyers, branding and running this very website. (So if you spot any typos you know who to blame.)

In my day job I work as a cook at one of the UK's top pub chains, although it's in my freelance work that my passion lies. You can find out more about me and my plays and other stuff at my website here.



Who we are.
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